Sarigerme excursions

We will visit you on your first morning to give you local information and see if you would like us to arrange any day trips, car hire or tours.

We can organize all your excursions with a  fully licensed and insured tour operator.


There are many fantastic day trips from Sarigerme…here are just a few :

Lazy Day at Sea – The Gocek 12 Islands Boat trip.

One destination that you shouldn’t miss before you go home is Göcek. It takes just 25 minutes to arrive at Göcek Harbour. We have five stops including Cleopatra’s Bath, Bedri Rahmi, Aquarium Bay, Ancient Shipyard and Pancake Island. We stop about 45 minutes in each bay for swimming, snorkelling and you can have a sunbathe. Enjoy a specially prepared lunch served on board. It is fascinating to see the ancient rock tombs, and to swim around the Cleopatra’s Bath (where she is rumoured to have bathed with the lover, Antony) and Shipyard Bay, the site of a very important shipbuilding industry at one time during the Ottoman Empire 

Dalyan (Caunos / mudbath / Turtle Beach)

Are you ready to get muddy or 10 years younger??? Having a mud bath is extraordinary fun and swimming in the thermal pool that includes sulphur-rich minerals water is beneficial for your skin.Our next stop is the Lake of Köyceğiz on which 165 different bird species have been recorded. While we are going through the Dalyan Canal, we are going to see the Rock Tombs dating back to the 4th century B.C. You are going to listen to the mythological story of the Caunos and Byblis under the shadow of these graves which have been standing there 2400 years. After having your open-buffet lunch at canal view restaurant, we are going to drive to the famous Turtle Beach, selected as the fifth most beautiful beach all around the world, where you have two hours swimming time.

Dalyan     Dalyan River

Fethiye Market and the Blue Lagoon

Have a good chance for shopping at Fethiye market which is the biggest market in the region. Enjoy making bargains with local people. The splendid rock tombs overlooking Fethiye may catch your eye and give some insight into the eminence and power, not to mention the wealth, of the ancient Lycian people. And time to swim in the turquoise-coloured water of the Blue Lagoon which is used as the symbol of Turkish Tourism by holiday companies worldwide.

Olu Deniz Lagoon 

Tlos Ancient City and Saklikent Gorge

If one day you get tired of the heat of Sarigerme, do something different. Go to a really narrow and high canyon that can not get the sunlight and walk through icecold water. As you watch the picturesque view of the furious and loudly flowing stream, you can enjoy a meal of trout in the restaurant. If you wish to do so you can cross the freezing water to explore the deeper part of the canyon.
The Tlos ancient site is hidden behind an Ottoman castle and the ancient Acropolis on the top of the hill. While climbing up to the castle the Lycian rock tombs will grab your attention. The most impresive is the tomb of Bellerephon, with a fine basrelief of Pegasos the winged horse fighting against the three-headed monster Chimera. Take the chance to see a whole ancient site dating back thousands of years.


Traditional Turkish Bath.

One of the truly unmissable experiences of a trip to Turkey is a visit to the hamam (turkish bath). 
      The tradition of the Turkish bath extends far back, to a time before Turks had reached Anatolia. When the Turks arrived in Anatolia, they brought with them one bathing tradition. 
      Experience the true Turkish Delight while in Sarigerme in Traditional style, working your way from warm, to hot, to an enjoyable furnace. Then have a body scrub, to clean your body. It will never be so clean again!!! You can have a shower and stay in the hot room for a short while , awaiting your soap massage which will unlock all the tight muscles in your body and make you fell re-born. 
      Turkish bath is good for: sciatical pains, hypertension, arthritis, rheumatism, stress and fatigue.

Jeep Safari

In this region Taurus mountains, dense pine forests and fertile plains offer amazing opportunities for off road driving.

The safari really goes through an exciting route of winding roads. We drive to top of a mountain called Radar Station which is about 700 m. high to watch splendid Dalyan Delta and Turtle Beach view from summit.The road passes through dense pine forests, the trees soaring up 20 meters. Road hazards include flocks of sheep, goats and many species reptiles(except crocodiles) and traditionally dressed village women. A chance for you to see the unique amber trees whose oil used in medical and cosmetic sector. 
     After the dirty & dusty trail the refreshing dip into YUVARLAK stream passing by our restaurant where we are getting our lunch. This stream is coming from under a mountain, which means the water is really cold. For lunch we have fresh trout that you can choose yours from the pool(or if you prefer chicken in shish or specially baked meatballs.) You can enjoy swimming jumping from a swing which was tied up to the 300 years old oak tree. 
     Furthermore you are going to feel the history by watching the Rock Tombs from 400 B.C. from Lycian time and oppurtunity to see the interior of a mosque which was built as a church in 13th century During greek period. What is most interesting? The architecture is Christian but the community is muslim. 
     To sum up it is an excursion where you can feel Adventure, Nature, History and Entertainment together. If you are looking for something different and learn about the real Turkish life in rural, you shouldn’t miss it.

Suba Diving

Is available around the different bays of Sarigerme. All day trips with 3 small dives for beginners and 2 long dives for the more experienced diver.

Ephesus and Pumukkale


An early departure from Sarigerme and will have breakfast on the way to Pamukkkale. Refreshment stop on the way. 
     Leaving from hotel and visit to ancient graveyard of the City of Hierapolis. To see inside of different graves and take picture of them. 
     You will be given free time there and you can walk on the chalk coloured travertine. If you like you can swim in the thermal water pool which is called Cleopatra’s Pool, the water contains rich minerals and is good for many skin, physical and allergic cases just try it and lay down on the ruins of old marble.  First day afternoon we will continue our journey to Ephesus for Half-Board (H.B) overnight stay at 4* Hitit Hotel.Dinner at the hotel and use the facilities of the hotel.


First visit of the day will be made to The Virgin Mary’s House then will continue to Ephesus Second visit of the day will be made to The Ephesus Open Air Museum and The Ruins of Temple of Artemis (used to be one of the seven wonder of the ancient period) then will have lunch at 4* Hitit Hotel, before or after lunch you can swim at hotel’s pool as well which you may need after a long and hot history lessons from your guide. After lunch we will drive back to Sarigerme and on the way back you will be given a refreshment stop due to a long bus journey

These places can be visited on seperate one day tours (but they are VERY long days)

Water rafting

The Dalaman River has become one of the Turkey's most popular rafting spots in recent years. After a journey through the Taurus mountains we are arriving at our start point. You are met with breakfast and given a briefing on rafting, technical equipment and issues to be aware of. For non-stop three hours you are gonna enjoy adventure and nature together. After the exciting rafting while your lunch is served you can view escapades recorded by the rafting paparazzi!

Also available;


Trips to Marmaris

Day trip to the Greek Island of Rhodes

Quad biking

And finally at the beach you can find…..




Kite Surfing

Banana rides



Sarigerme Water sports

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